Manuel Bozzi: STOP THE CHAINS!

13 Jul

Italian jewelry designer, well wait a minute.  I can’t even call him JUST that.  He is an Italian jewelry ROCK STAR! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way….shall I proceed? YES INDEED!

Manuel Bozzi has created some amazing new unisex pieces to add to his prestigious collection. This new collection is “STOP” and “FROZEN”.  We’ve featured a few of his masterpieces in our past issues and we simply KRAVE more! We can’t get enough!

Pursuing his latest dream Manuel Bozzi still tells us of bonds, of new ropes and ties interlaced with plots… speaks of games and “enchained” tensions.

This time in fact the chains stop…frozen in a visual illusion that undoes the flow of time and makes us perceive the mobility of precious silver links welded by the stylist into the chains of rigid bracelets. From a harmonic curve a magic bond was born and made “indissoluble” by goldsmith art which mixes tradition and innovation in a enclosing game between parody and technique…

(Credit: MANUEL BOZZI  Info:  Phone: +39.(0)587.58102)

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

– Kenny, CD/FE

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