Talk 2 Tommie: SEX!

10 Aug


This week’s topic…..




We don’t want to talk about sex ALL OF THE TIME…. Let alone have sex half of the time… the random texts or sexual outbursts can sometimes be OVERDONE….

Yes, it is ok to be “Kinky”… but there is a thin line between kinky, creepy, question(y) and downright weird….

Groping is not the new “HELLO”…. Please refrain from touching, rubbing or grabbing….. THAT’S the ultimate NO-NO

Do not read into the outfit…. Just because a female dresses a certain way to look good that doesn’t mean you have the green light to get the “good”

Being upfront and direct is respected and appreciated… i.e. do not invite a female over for a movie and get mad because she actually wants to watch the movie….

There’s a difference between being upfront and downright disrespectful; telling a female that you want to be intimate is one thing, on the other hand texting a female saying that you want to bleep bleep bleep… is another….

We really do not like when you ask whether or not it is big…. Because we will politely tell you yes… but if you must ask, clearly…. You already know. It’s just annoying…. And real talk fellas… size only plays one minor role… what you do with what you have can always compensate for what you think you lack.

There is no such thing as testing the waters when it comes to sex…. There is either safe sex or no sex at all, unless the relationship is monogamous

The oven must be warmed before you can bake the bread… FOREPLAY IS GOOD!

 *Tommie D. Taylor is a high fashion/runway model based in Dallas, TX who shares her passion for journalism and discussion with KRAVE Magazine. Look for her in upcoming features on the blog and the mag! Ask Tommie whatever you’d like to know:*










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One response to “Talk 2 Tommie: SEX!

  1. Darion

    August 10, 2010 at 11:57 am

    I thought we were going to talk about sex, but instead you told me we’re not talking about sex and nothing that attracts the lustful eye is actually a sexual advance. I’m confused.


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