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KRAVE Talent: Maya Guez, Photographer Extraordinaire

One of the most fundamental goals of KRAVE Magazine is to provide opportunity and garner exposure for emerging and established, yet non-mainstream talent. In order to better accomplish that goal, I’ve implemented the creation of a new feature in the magazine as well as the blog. Periodically we will shine the spotlight on a talented individual or group to show our appreciation of their masterful skill and passion for their craft. Our very first featured artist is the one and only Maya Guez.   

 Since our last issue of KRAVE ran a feature of Maya for the KRAVE Her section, we’ve received numerous inquiries and kudos praising not only her beauty but also her beautiful work. Maya truly creates magic with her camera, composing masterpieces of light and color through her lens.  

  Here is the article as well as a few examples of her work. If you’d like to see more of her work or would like to book her, click here: Maya Guez.  

Maya Guez, KRAVE Magazine


Maya Guez, KRAVE Magazine


Maya Guez, KRAVE Magazine

  We honor and commend all creative artists and urge you to continue to follow your dreams and make our world beautiful with your art.   -Kenny, Creative Director

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Diddy in Kilt - Glasgow, Scotland


The phrase of the day is “progressive style!!!”   

Diddy and Lenny Kravitz both emerged recently in very fashion forward, innovative styles. Always keeping us on our toes, Diddy rocked the stage in Scotland in a kilt on Sept. 29; while Lenny Kravitz rocked the streets of NYC last week in knee high wedge boots! These two artists are never afraid to be progressive when it comes to fashion.   

Lenny Kravitz in leather wedge boot - NY


Although some may say “whoa, that’s some crazy fashion, I would never wear that!” That is absolutely fine; after all we are entitled to our own opinions. The great thing about fashion is that everyone has their own definition of what they think creative fashion is. I just more so want to encourage everyone to embrace their creativity and take fashion risks. With just a few months left in this year, you still have time to make some bold statements with your fashion. You better get to it! Go on… progressive!   

Meli’sa, Fashion Team

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WOW! The Burger King NY Pizza Burger


At first I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.  The NY Pizza Burger made by Burger King. Say what say huh? 

Being the foodie I am, I was immediately intrigued and excited but also concerned about the caloric smorgasboard of fat and flavor this would promise to be! The sandwich is only going to be featured in major cities like LA and NYC so I’m going to have to remember to try it while visiting.  But just imagine…a ‘pizza’ made from four Whopper patties with cheese, Tuscan sauce, pepperoni and all on a sesame seed bun?? Wow. 

According to AOL, “the pizza burger has 2,530 calories, 144 grams of fat and 3,780 milligrams of sodium, this burger is meant to feed six people.” Read more:  

Sarah De Heer, AOL


YIKES! Who wants to try it?  This belongs at the Texas State Fair for sure! 

Well I for one cannot wait to indulge! I’ll repent at the gym later. All in the name of delicious food! 

-Kenny, Creative Director

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Congratulations to Naturi Naughton!

Naturi Naughton


We’d like to extend our congratulations to Ms. Naturi Naughton for her upcoming guest role on the Emmy award-winning television show, Mad Men.  Naturi is the first African-American actor to be cast in a non-service role on the series. The episode will air on September 26th so please look out for it! 

Look for Naturi Naughton in the “KRAVE Her” feature in the next issue of KRAVE Magazine.

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Hot off the Press!: Forbes Jay-z x Warren Buffet cover


Wow! Talk about a collaboration!! This is powerful.  We always love to see Jigga Man portrayed for the positive. He truly represents the product of hard work and effort. Congrats to Jay-Z! We can’t wait for our cover with him!

Here is also the Forbes cover that Beyoncé graced last year. We love it!

Forbes Magazine, 2009

– Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director

*from Forbes* This image was released yesterday by Forbes magazine. It is the Jay-Z and Warren Buffet cover that will hit newsstands on Friday, Sept. 24, 2010. Forbes is constructing a vast network of bloggers, each expected to build their own personal audience and brand around a steady stream of Web postings and links to social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The hope is to bring more traffic to

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KRAVE Fit: Coming in October!!!

KRAVE Fit Promo (C Villanueva shot by Carlos Arias)

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Events: The Foreign Exchange in Dallas,Tx

V's VibeSpot presents The Foreign Exchange in Dallas,TX

The Foundation and V’s Vibe Spot are proud to present

BROWN SUGAR SUITE: THE REVIVAL w/ FOREIGN EXCHANGE (Phonte of Little Bro. + Nicolay) feat. Sy Smith, Zo!, Darien Brockington and Live Band

BROWN SUGAR SUITE: THE REVIVAL feat. Grammy-nominated FOREIGN EXCHANGE (Phonte of Little Brother & Nicolay) w/ Sy Smith, Zo! and Darien Brockington


Yes, the entire group is coming to Dallas for the FIRST time!

The new experience is now called the BROWN SUGAR SUITE. This REVIVAL edition will take you on a journey back to when you first fell in love with GOOD music, not just hip-hop. FOREIGN EXCHANGE will take the stage in Texas for the first time, giving you the thrill of their blend of real hip-hop, R&B and neo-soul vibes as only they can and have come to know around the country.



BROWN SUGAR SUITE: THE REVIVAL is brought to you by THE FOUNDATION and V’S VIBE SPOT. And in conjunction with
MMI/OMS Marketing, VVS Events & Marketing and

For more information, please log on to or


Must be 21+ to participate in the VIP sweepstakes, doors open at 8:00 PM, no outside food or drinks, etc are allowed

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