30 Sep

Diddy in Kilt - Glasgow, Scotland


The phrase of the day is “progressive style!!!”   

Diddy and Lenny Kravitz both emerged recently in very fashion forward, innovative styles. Always keeping us on our toes, Diddy rocked the stage in Scotland in a kilt on Sept. 29; while Lenny Kravitz rocked the streets of NYC last week in knee high wedge boots! These two artists are never afraid to be progressive when it comes to fashion.   

Lenny Kravitz in leather wedge boot - NY


Although some may say “whoa, that’s some crazy fashion, I would never wear that!” That is absolutely fine; after all we are entitled to our own opinions. The great thing about fashion is that everyone has their own definition of what they think creative fashion is. I just more so want to encourage everyone to embrace their creativity and take fashion risks. With just a few months left in this year, you still have time to make some bold statements with your fashion. You better get to it! Go on… progressive!   

Meli’sa, Fashion Team

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