KRAVE Talent: Maya Guez, Photographer Extraordinaire

30 Sep

One of the most fundamental goals of KRAVE Magazine is to provide opportunity and garner exposure for emerging and established, yet non-mainstream talent. In order to better accomplish that goal, I’ve implemented the creation of a new feature in the magazine as well as the blog. Periodically we will shine the spotlight on a talented individual or group to show our appreciation of their masterful skill and passion for their craft. Our very first featured artist is the one and only Maya Guez.   

 Since our last issue of KRAVE ran a feature of Maya for the KRAVE Her section, we’ve received numerous inquiries and kudos praising not only her beauty but also her beautiful work. Maya truly creates magic with her camera, composing masterpieces of light and color through her lens.  

  Here is the article as well as a few examples of her work. If you’d like to see more of her work or would like to book her, click here: Maya Guez.  

Maya Guez, KRAVE Magazine


Maya Guez, KRAVE Magazine


Maya Guez, KRAVE Magazine

  We honor and commend all creative artists and urge you to continue to follow your dreams and make our world beautiful with your art.   -Kenny, Creative Director

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