KRAVE Her: Why we love Tyra Banks

01 Oct

Tyra Banks, French Vogue Masquerade Party

Yesterday, amidst a day of hectic scheduling, tons of emails and phone calls and ongoing project planning, I took a moment to check Twitter and saw a tweet from one of my favorite Tweeters, Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks).

Tyra is known for posting some of the most quirky and down to earth tweets from any celebrity. Not always what you’d expect from one of the world’s most famous supermodels and now television mavens. And yesterday was no exception.

Ms. Tyra tweeted:

@tyrabanks: So, when I couldn’t find a  mask for FRENCH VOGUE 90th ANNIVERSARY Masquerade Party, I made my own!”  The supernova posted a photo of her visage covered in what appeared to be fishnet stockings, striking a pose, for her 2 million plus followers to view.

She then went on to ask her followers to guess what it was made from and finally divulged that the mask was in fact made from “sum cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up n made it y’all. N did my own hair n makeup.”

Tyra Mask, Twitter @tyrabanks

Tyra Mask, Twitter: @tyrabanks

I read the few tweets with such novel giddiness: here was one of my favorite supermodels ever and truly now an inspiring media maven, making an impromptu mask out of stockings. Something I could imagine one of my artsy, Bohemian friends doing. I giggled and recounted exactly why I adore this woman.

Her final tweet regarding the mask –

@tyrabanks: I thought about keeping my homemade mask but this morn it looked like cut up insane stockings so I threw away. Photos will be the memories.” And that’s what makes us fall in love with you over and over Ms. Tyra.

– Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director

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