KRAVE Talent: Olivia Nezey, Interior Designer

29 Nov

As part of KRAVE Magazine’s initiative to provide opportunity and garner exposure for much deserving individuals and groups, periodically we will be featuring various talents on the blog site as well as in the magazine. With that being said we would like for you to meet the very talented and beautiful Olivia Nezey.

Olivia or Liv as most of her friends call her is one of Georgia’s finest interior designers. She is a Louisiana native with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Before taking on the venture of establishing Liv BY Design Interiors, Inc. she served as an Interior Designer for one of Atlanta’s most distinguished interior design firms.

Throughout Olivia’s career she has achieved such accomplishments as becoming a nationally published interior designer as well as receiving an American Society of Interior Designer’s Design Excellence Award. She can also be seen on the nationally televised program Wealthy Manor in which she guides viewers through the most beautiful of homes.

Here is an insight into the interior design world of Olivia Nezey. If you’d like to see more of her work or would like to contact Liv By Design for a consultation, click here:

How did you get started in your profession as an interior designer?

I was always an artistic person and knew that I would be doing something that involved the use of creativity. When I was in high school there was an interior design show that would come on after school let out which featured Christopher Lowell. I would race home to watch him and from there my interest was piqued. I enrolled in my first interior design class at the Art Institute of Houston, while in high school, and it taught me the technical side of interior design which intrigued me even more.

What are some of your inspirations?

Now that’s a tough question because inspiration can be drawn from so many places. Some of the sources of inspiration for me are life, nature, and fashion. I often take walks in the back yard by the lake and can be inspired by the simplest things of nature such as a flower.

What would be your dream interior design job or goal?

Well, my goal was to own my own company and a little over a year ago I have succeeded in doing so. I also am interested in production design which involves doing interior designing on movie sets.

My overall, ultimate goal is basically to create beautiful spaces and change lives. As a future endeavor I would like to have a division of Liv by Design Interiors that does charitable work.

Who are some of your favorite interior designers?

Sheila Bridges would be my biggest inspiration. She is one of the most well-known African-American interior designers in America. It’s always great to see another African-American female in the industry accomplishing great things.

Are there any tips for those in the industry?

“Go for it!” Most of the time people are hesitant to follow their dreams based on fear. They just need to set a sight and go for it! Work on establishing contacts and networks in the industry and start to collect inspirational photos. Tear out spaces you like and that will help you to develop your own style. Find out everything you can about the industry and seek various internships.

What’s next for Olivia?

I am currently hosting a TV show called Wealthy Manor which is nationally broadcasted and featured on the Resort & Residence Network; I act as a guide through the most elegant of homes.  More TV hosting and production will be my focus. I am also working on a television series where we take blogs and use them as maps to the city and/or show ways that you can draw inspiration from them; basically using blogs as a tour guide for design in the city.

Liv By Design Projects

Small Space Living

Small Space Living

Small Space Living

World Traveler - Living Room

World Traveler - Study

World Traveler - Dining Room

-Nina, Fashion Team


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