Brianna Michelle – “Miss December” Female Model of the Month

01 Dec

Brianna Michelle

We proudly present the lovely Brianna Michelle. She’s our ‘Miss December’ and the epitome of the strong & beautiful black woman living her dreams. Here’s more about Miss December.

Where are you from?

I am from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, WA

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling when I was in middle school. My counselor and mentor Virginia Owens was a successful model and she got me started with SMG Model Management.

What drives/drove you to pursue a career in the modeling/fashion industry?

I really felt that I had a unique look with being dark skin with natural green eyes and I had the height so I figured, “Let me see how the industry responds to me.”. Not to mention, I really wanted to see more ethnic models in the high fashion magazines.  Someone that young black girls can relate to.

What are some of your best/worst experiences modeling?

The best experience for me is living out my reality and testing my confidence and ambition because this industry is not easy.  I would say a disadvantage of this industry is that in all the major magazines, there is still less than 3% of minorities represented.  Flipping through magazines, knowing that you will only see a 1-5 pages of someone who you can relate to is very disheartening especially when we are consumers and just a beautiful.

What advice would you give to hopeful models?

I would say be faithful, ambition and consistent.  Never stop no matter how many times you hear no because you will hear a yes when it’s your time!

What is your dream job?

My dream jobs are working with DeBeers, Chanel and Versace!

How can you be booked?

I am working with A few agents here in NY (Direct Model Management, The Agency and managers). You could also contact me at
What would you consider your best feature?

I would say my eyes and my skin 🙂

What are some of the jobs/campaigns you’ve been booked for or are recognized in?

L’Oreal‘s Dark N Lovely brand and my new campaign with Clairol

What do you do to stay in ‘Model’ Shape?

Eating well and bikram yoga…

You can find out more about Brianna Michelle on her website, I Am Brianna Michelle.

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  1. Brianna Michelle

    December 1, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Thank you!


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