Rest In Peace Reggie Doucet

15 Jan

Reginald Doucet

I try my hardest to not make my posts on here personal…however I have to express my personal emotions for a moment. Just a few weeks ago I was speaking to a young man who’s been incredibly amped about fitness and his promising future.  We discussed his athletic career, why he’s always smiling, how he stays in shape and what he could do with KRAVE and KRAVE Fit magazines.  His name was Reginald Doucet.


Reggie was the football star who everyone knew and liked and who always cracked jokes and made people smile…and also very kind.

He was shot and killed this morning by the LAPD, while unarmed.  The reports say that he was resisting arrest and fighting the officers but for the life of me I cannot understand why they’d shoot to kill an unarmed man.

I’ve sat here for the last hour or so trying to debate if I’d post something so personal…but I believe its important for us to celebrate the life of the people who are a positive influence. And Reggie was definitely that.

We’ll miss you man…

-Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director

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