Marcelli Felice: “Miss January” Female Model of the Month

18 Jan

Miss January, Marcelli Felice. On life, modeling and how you can attract more flies with honey…

Where are you from?

I am originally from Los Angeles, California. My family and I moved to the Dallas area when I was about 10 years old. My school years were spent in Dallas and my summers in LA.

When did you start modeling?

In Summer 2009… I just happened to fall into it…

What drives/drove you to pursue a career in the modeling/fashion industry?

The ability to showcase creative ideas in the forms of modeling, fashion and makeup drive me to think of unique ways to portray them. I get pumped when I get a new idea, or when I find something that inspires me. I love creating concepts for photo shoots, whether I’m actually involved in the shoot, or behind the scenes. I enjoy sharing my work with others and all who appreciate the creative process.

What are some of your best/worst experiences modeling?

I don’t really have any bad experiences since I learn and grow from every situation, but I really enjoy the times when I’m shooting… Hair, makeup, lights, camera, and action!!! Some upbeat music playing and I ready to go!

What advice would you give to hopeful models?

I would say listen to your gut, it never steers you wrong… Be personable and friendly when meeting new people because you never know who will be hiring you next, and always strive to do better than the last time you modeled, walked the runway, etc.

What is your dream job?

My top 2 dream jobs: To be the face of a major makeup company, like M.A.C. Makeup or Covergirl and to model in photo shoots for Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera.

How can you be booked?

Right now, directly thru me. Visit my website at … I am currently seeking new representation.

What would you consider your best feature?

I would say my bone structure and skin… Several makeup artists have complimented me on my face.

What are some of the jobs/campaigns you’ve been booked for or are recognized in?

The most recognizable job I’ve had happens to not be in the modeling industry but in television. I am currently working on NBC’s Chase as a stand-in for Rose Rollin’s character “Daisy”. I do hope to be booked in more recognizable modeling jobs in the near future! I have a positive outlook so keep an eye out for me! 🙂

What do you do to stay in ‘Model’ Shape?

Simple cardio work outs like running/jogging, eating balanced meals, no soda and mostly juice and water, moderating junk food and getting plenty of sleep!

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