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KRAVE Her: Rihanna covers American Vogue


Rihanna for Vogue, Annie Leibovitz


It just doesn’t get much better than this.  Amongst only a handful of women of color, Rihanna graces the 10th Annual Shape issue, shot by one of my favorite photographers, Annie Leibovitz (Beyonce Knowles graced the shape issue as well…what are they trying to say?).  Either way this is huge for the R&B/Pop star.

Kudos to Rihanna!





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Male Trends: Velvet Slippers


Kanye West

 Male Trend: Velvet slippers

By Xo Nim, The FashionRazzi

The Velvet Slipper didn’t just spring into the market in recent times; it has been worn for many years mostly by the upper class (Gossip Girl type, extremely rich) older man.

Before the influx of the Metro-Sexual man, men wanted to dress very manly!!  (I don’t know if that makes any sense). No fitted pants or jackets, tennis shoes, or shoes that could be worn only by men, no nicely fitted tailored shirts; before Tom Ford came and showed us how a suit should be worn and Zara made the skinny suit and pant the way forward.

So now, the velvet slippers are “allowed” to be worn by the masculine man! And they tend to portray Seriousness and Relaxed at the same time, Prestige, Class, Gentlemanliness and Ultimate Fashion. They are now also worn mostly by the young man! You gotta love fashion though; it’s only a matter of time before everyone catches on to everything!

Another great thing about them now is that they can be monogrammed; you can customize your shoes with your initials, family crest or whatever really on the front of the shoes, which it makes it even more appealing to people who want something unique. As much as everyone wants to tail the trend, people also want to be different in some way, shape or form.

Designer offerings:

Ralph Lauren




Herring Shoes

Aspinal of London


Stubbs & Wooten

Del Toro

How to wear them:

Mr. West pairs them with the classic black tux


Casual and comfy

Casual yet a dapper approach

Out and about lending an air of affluence


Many thanks to Xo Nim and The FashionRazzi for allowing us to use this post.  Look for more posts from them and the launch of their much anticipated website and blog.


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News: Subway races past McDonald’s as the World’s Largest Fast Food Chain

 Well looky here!
I saw this on the Huffington Post this morning and thought it was VERY interesting!  Subway now holds the honor of being the world’s largest restaurant chain, bypassing McDonald’s.
According to the Wall Steet Journal, those friend’s of Jared now have 33,749 locations while Ronald and them have just 32,737 locations. 
Did you know Subway generated $15.2 billion in revenue last year…of which $10.5 billion was generated in the US? Wow…thats a lot of $5 footlongs!
Hopefully this means that people are leaning more towards healthy living. Kudos to them both!
Now I want a sandwich…*sigh*

Associated Press

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Waka Flocka x PETA “Ink, not Mink”

We’re all familiar with the artistic nude ads that PETA uses to vividly oppose the manufacturing and donning of fur and other animal pelts. We’ve seen some of our favorite celebrities in their birthday suits supporting the cause but now an unlikely talent has joined the ranks: Waka Flocka Flame. 

Choosing to rock “ink, not mink”, the young “No Hands” rapper lends his influence and persona to reach the younger urban demographics with his photo…of course layered in chains.  Check it out.  What do you think?


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ART: Annie Leibovitz x Queen Latifah “Disney Dream”

We spotlighted the amazing collaboration between renown photographer Annie Leibovitz and Disney in the past but somehow we missed this magnificent transformation.  Queen Latifah as “Ursula” from The Little Mermaid.  Who can forget the staunch approach and deliciously evil (for Disney that is) attitude of Miss Ursula.  She was definitely ingrained on our young brains and “Poor Unfortunate Souls” still rekindles the memory of that great film.

Annie Leibovitz has created a masterpiece with this visual transformation.  See the finished product below.

Annie Leibovitz

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KRAVING: Kanye West’s Givenchy Leopard Bomber

We can always depend on Mr. West to give us some fresh style.  Kanye West stalked the Paris Fashion Week shows in this Givenchy leopard print bomber that has fashion savants worldwide craving the design house’s animalistic offerings this season.


The leopard Givenchy sneakers we posted a few months back…

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MUSIC: Marsha Ambrosius “Late Nights & Early Mornings”

Marsha Ambrosius – “Late Nights & Early Mornings

GOTTA HAVE IT NOW! It was well worth the wait…and please support true talent. BUY the album, don’t download it illegally.

You can purchase here on iTunes.

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