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Nelita Villezon: “Miss April” Model of the month

Our female model muse of the month is Miss Nelita Villezon, who happens to be celebrating her birthday today!

• Where are you from? I am from Los Angeles California.

• When did you start modeling? I officially started modeling when I was sixteen.

• What drives/drove you to pursue a career in the modeling/fashion industry? My family has always worked in the entertainment industry and fashion was something that I have always loved. Modeling and fashion is where I get the most joy. I love the freedom of expression and the interpretation of creativity.

• What are some of your best/worst experiences modeling? I have the best experiences with most of my modeling gigs. It is always such a joy and thrill to do what I love. Not all gigs turn out the best, but I make sure to make the most out of every experience.

• What advice would you give to hopeful models? I would tell hopeful models that there is no right or one formula to success in this industry, but you have to keep your personal drive in you everyday.

• What is your dream job? My dream job would be to walk the runways in Milan and Paris.

• How can you be booked? I can be booked with Linda McAlister Talent at

What would you consider your best feature? I would say my best feature is my eyes. Makeup artist love  them and I’m told that they are very expressive.

What are some of the jobs/campaigns you’ve been booked for or are recognized in? Goodness, I have people finding my work everywhere.  I am in AT&T ads, Cingular Wireless, Honda commercial, book covers, Jet magazine and other various ads.

How do you stay in Model shape? I definitely am very watchful of what I put into my body as far as food. I am all about portion control. I also do not drink or smoke.  You can also find me in the gym everyday with at least one hour of cardio.

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KRAVE Her: Jennifer Lopez, People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person 2011


Hate it or love it, the boricua bombshell has had an amazing year. With the new gig as an American Idol judge, a new hot single and numerous campaigns and sponsorships, Jennifer Lopez is HAUTE right now.  And we love it.

Congrats Jenny from the block!

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KRAVINGS: Bodega x Reebok Night Sky “Nappy Dugouts”

Say what say HUH!?

Another fly collab that is a must have this Spring/Summer.

Get them HERE, April 16th.

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KRAVINGS: Christian Louboutin Denim spiked sneakers

I mean…what else needs to be said? HAUTE-SAUCE!

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MUSIC: “TC” Tiyon Christian’s “Love’s Assassin” Mixtape

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now but I’ve been under the weather.  The magnificent songwriter, ‘TC‘ Tiyon Christian (best known for his many videos with one of our faves, Brandy), has released an amazing piece of work titled “Love’s Assassin”. 

As has been the case with other mixtapes we’ve come across lately, TC’s offering bests many of the full studio albums released by top artists in the industry today. It really makes you wonder just have wonderful a fully produced/funded album would be from this wunderkind.

Click here to get the mixtape. Enjoy!

– Kenny , Creative Director

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KRAVEHer: June Ambrose, On the list of the top 25 Power Stylists in Hollywood


June Ambrose


We definitely want to take a moment and congratulate Madame June Ambrose on making the 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood lists for the Hollywood Reporter.  June is responsible for MANY iconic looks and style expressions by some of our favorite urban celebrities such as Diddy, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross and many more.

Although she is listed as number 23 on the list, we know that in OUR culture, she is one of the THE top stylists.  We salute you Madame Ambrose for making life and entertainment THAT more beautiful.


June Ambrose



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