Tha Afterparty Radio

17 Mar

Tha Afterparty Radio

Tha Afterparty Radio


May we suggest Tha Afterparty Radio for your listening pleasure for the hottest music and sizzling topics.

Some of the past topics: ” Are Women raising boys to men or grown boys or men they want?”, “Can you Be Trusted With Your Spouse’s Life”?, “Would you STRAP-UP for your MAN??? or Would that be a #DealBreaker?”, “What are some struggles that you face, trying to live saved.” & “Is it cool for Christians 2 listen 2 other type of music besides gospel music?” just to name a few.

Head on over to their page and “like” them NOW! Oh almost forgot to tell ya, you can listen via any mobile device via the Tunein application or via website….just look for Tha Afterparty A side or Tha Afterparty B side, choose one or both!! Just Tunein!!!!

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