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Let’s Start Giving

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one” Aesop

LaVida Harris, Contributing Editor & Reneigh Coffman, Community Iniative Director & Tony McGilvery Jr. Weight2Wear Brand Ambassodor (not pictured) supported Lets Start Giving Foundation on 12/23/17 by helping feed the homeless in downtown Dallas.

Lets Start Giving Foundation is a non-profit organization founded a year ago by then 9yr old Alaia Stinson, that helps the homeless and those at risk homelessness. Alaia’s hopes and dream is to one day have a shelter to help the homeless to have a roof over their head, even if it’s just temporar for them

This young girl has truly inspired us to do more in our communities. Please join us us by supporting them first with a simple “like” to their page and secondly support any upcoming “giving days” in 2018; you can support them financially to help this young girl’s desires to continue to give to the less fortunate and/or you may donate your time. Please contact them directly for their needs.

“Let’s start Giving”

LaVida Harris, Contributing Editor

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KRAVINGS: Jeantrix “Pray For Japan” Tees

For a limited time only you can show your support by purchasing a shirt or heart pendant for only $25. Help support the Japanese earthquake/tsunami victims by joining our Campaign. Proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross’ relief efforts in Japan. Here is your chance to make a difference!! #Design4Japan



To purchase the t-shirt and find out more about these amazing designers visit or visit their Facebook Page.

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KRAVE Kares: How to lend your help to Japan

Unless you’ve been under a rock, we all know that Japan was seriously debilitated by a 9.0 magnitude coastal earthquake on March 11th that was followed by a tsunami that devastated many regions in the country.  While we all have kept Japan and the victims and families in our prayers, they will need a lot more assistance.

The American Red Cross is accepting donations via text message.  Text “RedCross” to 90999 for a $10 donation that will appear on your next cellular bill. You can also visit to make smaller or larger donations.

If you’d like to do more than monetary donations, you can check with your local Red Cross to learn about volunteer options.

Amazon is also accepting donations through their AmazonPayments feature. 

God bless Japan and the victiums of this natral disaster and may God bless us all because these types of catastrophes can happen anywhere in the world.

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KRAVE Kares: KRAVE Fit x Scotty Lindsey- Real Men Wear Pink!

You may be a runner. A volunteer. Or an activist. But however you choose to get involved, just know that everything you do makes a difference. After all, without the support of people like you, we know 10 million people could die of breast cancer in the next 25 years. The Scotty Lindsey 2011 Calendar is Dedicated to all those who’ve lost the fight to Breast Cancer and to those who won’t quit the fight! Portion of the proceeds will be donated to help fight Breast Cancer in both women and men. For more visit

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Community: Feed someone this Christmas



A lot of us are running around with our heads spinning round, trying to decide what to gift for our family, loved ones and friends.  We often forget the hundreds to thousands of people who will go without not only Christmas gifts but also food. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to donate some money to our local food banks and various other charities that strive to make the holidays joyous for all mankind.

– Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director

$1 Feeds 4 People.

For many of us, the holidays bring thoughts of cheerful gatherings, gift giving and going back for seconds. But for thousands of North Texas kids, families and seniors, all that comes to mind is “Where will I find my next meal?”

Families who once prepared a lavish feast are now skipping dinner. Kids who, just last year, were asking for the newest toy are now walking to school hungry. And elderly couples, recently enjoying retirement, are now choosing between paying bills and putting food on the table.

Fortunately, we can come together as a community and make things better. In fact, a simple one-dollar donation to the North Texas Food Bank provides four meals for hungry North Texans.

This holiday season, North Texans need your help more than ever. Please click on the Donate Today button to start making a difference right away. Individually you can make a meaningful impact on someone’s life–together we can truly fight hunger in our community.

Join the fight against hunger. Donate Today.

Our Donor Confidentiality Pledge Personal information remains confidential and will not be shared, traded or sold by the North Texas Food Bank.


For those of you outside of North Texas (KRAVE Is based there), please visit Feeding America for information on how to assist your local and national food banks to fight hunger right HERE in our country.

Click on the photo to visit Feeding America


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Karing for our Planet: Eco-Cliff

Yesterday I was reading on Green Diary about a fascinating concept. An ECO-CLIFF: Unique eco-system where vegetation and netting system coexist, in Buenos Aires. This truly looks like something from a futuristic movie but just to imagine visiting this amazing structure…and the thought that it could expand into other countries and continents!

Please check out the following photos and verbiage, courtesy of Green Diary.

From Daily: We have already seen sustainable skyscrapers behaving as a contemporary housing for the urbanites, but now it’s beautiful birds and animals turn. Designers Hila Davidpu, Tal Gazit, Eli Gotman, and Hofi Harari have proposed a green tower for the Buenos Aires Vertical Zoo Competition. Christened as “ECO-CLIFF”, the high-rise structure will serve as a nesting ground for thousands of migrating birds and an ecological habitat for the different animals and species of the “Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve Zoo”.


Looking like an organic cliff, the tower is made from a system of nets and steel cables of varying densities that are wrapped around a rigid structure. The Eco-Cliff will accommodate a variety of migrating birds, which pass the Costanera Sur Reserve each year, along with spaces for animals. The photovoltaic cell system, an ecological recycling and water treatment facilities help in making the building self-sustainable.

The cliff- like tower features a perforated skin that not only lets ample of natural light flood in, but also lets fresh air and rain water to come inside, creating a unique eco-system where vegetation and netting system coexist. In order to minimize the damages caused by carbon emitting vehicles, the tower’s main entrance is accessible via a cable-way which connects to a public transportation system.

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Community: The Marcus Graham Project

 Part of the KRAVE Lifestyle philosphy is that being blessed individuals, we must do our part to uplift our community and give back. KRAVE stridently believes in supporting charitable causes and events and will do our part to propagate knowledge and awareness.

– Kenny, CD/FE

Please save the evening of Friday August 13th to participate in the culmination of an amazing summer and the beginning of the next step in the careers of our boot camp team. 

The Take Off is a benefit event for the Globe Aware Youth Scholarship Fund, which enables Dallas youth to volunteer in international communities. It will also serve as the culmination of the iCR8 Summer Boot Camp and a soft-launch of the 501(c)(3) Store, a retailer that donates a percentage of its revenue to non-profit organizations.  See, hear, and experience international cultures as we celebrate Dallas’ ascension as a globally diverse city.

Official Invitation & Details Coming soon.  If you are interested in sponsorship or promotional opportunities, or if you would like to volunteer for this global celebration of music, fashion and food, please contact us at

Also, please check out the newest episode (#3) of Man Behind the Brand, the web series that follows the MetaThinQ team as they progress and develop as an agency throughout the summer boot camp!

YouTube Page Link

Video Link

Information provided by Lincon Stephens of The Marcus Graham Project (

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