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MUSIC: “TC” Tiyon Christian’s “Love’s Assassin” Mixtape

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now but I’ve been under the weather.  The magnificent songwriter, ‘TC‘ Tiyon Christian (best known for his many videos with one of our faves, Brandy), has released an amazing piece of work titled “Love’s Assassin”. 

As has been the case with other mixtapes we’ve come across lately, TC’s offering bests many of the full studio albums released by top artists in the industry today. It really makes you wonder just have wonderful a fully produced/funded album would be from this wunderkind.

Click here to get the mixtape. Enjoy!

– Kenny , Creative Director

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Rest In Peace Reggie Doucet

Reginald Doucet

I try my hardest to not make my posts on here personal…however I have to express my personal emotions for a moment. Just a few weeks ago I was speaking to a young man who’s been incredibly amped about fitness and his promising future.  We discussed his athletic career, why he’s always smiling, how he stays in shape and what he could do with KRAVE and KRAVE Fit magazines.  His name was Reginald Doucet.


Reggie was the football star who everyone knew and liked and who always cracked jokes and made people smile…and also very kind.

He was shot and killed this morning by the LAPD, while unarmed.  The reports say that he was resisting arrest and fighting the officers but for the life of me I cannot understand why they’d shoot to kill an unarmed man.

I’ve sat here for the last hour or so trying to debate if I’d post something so personal…but I believe its important for us to celebrate the life of the people who are a positive influence. And Reggie was definitely that.

We’ll miss you man…

-Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director

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Christmas memories: Fashion Team

Willie Johnson, Fashion Director

My craziest Christmas memory is when I got caught opening my Christmas gifts early. I got my ass BEAT! – Willie



Jasmine Anderson, Style Editor (KRAVE Fit)


I’d always “act” surprised on Christmas because I would ALWAYS snoop around the house and car when my mom was sleep or at work to see what she bought me waaay before Christmas! If it was clothing, I would try everything on and walk around the house & put everything back in the box before she wrapped it! Haha – Jasmine



Nina Charles, Fashion Team

I remember always receiving only one gift for my birthday and Christmas, since my birthday is right before Christmas. My mom used to have us open all of the crappy gifts which weren’t on our list and say ” Well ya’ll start picking up the paper and put away your toys” as if that was the end of it. As soon as the tears would start coming down our faces, my uncles would walk through the door with all that we had asked for! – Nina




Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director


I always remember snooping for our gifts…even unwrapping them sometimes. But the memory that always stands out is the year my father died.  My mother and her friends filled our entire living room with toys (I was 6 at the time)! they were lined up all around the room and around the tree. It was like we went to sleep and woke up to Santa’s workshop! We found out later they were in debt for months after but every year we do Christmas in a major way – with or without gifts! – Kenny


We’d like to hear your memories too! Feel free to post here or on the KRAVE Magazine FB page.

Happy Holidays!


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KRAVINGS: Christmas Edition Dorian B, Editor in Chief

Dorian Willis, Editor-In-Chief

KRAVE Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Dorian Willis, shares her Favorite things list with us.

Michele Deco Noir Diamond Watch:
Keurig Coffee Maker:
Christian Louboutin Maggie Chain-Toe Platform Pump

Wow…we love the list!! I hope you get everything! OOOH You so fancy!


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RE-wind: The September Issue (DVD)

For those of us in the fashion and publication industry, The September Issue, was a must see upon its limited release in theaters nationwide. Chronicling the extensive production of the now infamous September 2007 issue of the fashion bible, the film provides a rare in-depth look into the work relations and lives of the iconic Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, the ever amazing Grace Coddington and other Vogue staples.

The film is now available in a two box gift set that includes never before seen footage (trust me its worth the watch – a RIOT!)

Enjoy! I already have my copy and definitely use it for inspiration and reference!

Happy Holidays!

Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director


Grace Coddington & Anna Wintour


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Community: Feed someone this Christmas



A lot of us are running around with our heads spinning round, trying to decide what to gift for our family, loved ones and friends.  We often forget the hundreds to thousands of people who will go without not only Christmas gifts but also food. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to donate some money to our local food banks and various other charities that strive to make the holidays joyous for all mankind.

– Kenny Hibbler, Creative Director

$1 Feeds 4 People.

For many of us, the holidays bring thoughts of cheerful gatherings, gift giving and going back for seconds. But for thousands of North Texas kids, families and seniors, all that comes to mind is “Where will I find my next meal?”

Families who once prepared a lavish feast are now skipping dinner. Kids who, just last year, were asking for the newest toy are now walking to school hungry. And elderly couples, recently enjoying retirement, are now choosing between paying bills and putting food on the table.

Fortunately, we can come together as a community and make things better. In fact, a simple one-dollar donation to the North Texas Food Bank provides four meals for hungry North Texans.

This holiday season, North Texans need your help more than ever. Please click on the Donate Today button to start making a difference right away. Individually you can make a meaningful impact on someone’s life–together we can truly fight hunger in our community.

Join the fight against hunger. Donate Today.

Our Donor Confidentiality Pledge Personal information remains confidential and will not be shared, traded or sold by the North Texas Food Bank.


For those of you outside of North Texas (KRAVE Is based there), please visit Feeding America for information on how to assist your local and national food banks to fight hunger right HERE in our country.

Click on the photo to visit Feeding America


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Video: Lanvin For H&M

We’ve all been dying to see the Lanvin collection for H&M and now here is the official footage from last nights runway show!



-Kenny, Creative Director

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