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Soul Food: Nourishment – Integrity

KRAVE Integrity

Here at KRAVE, we are renowned for being the go to fashion guide for today’s Man. After 5 years, we remain the only fashion lifestyle and entertainment magazine for all men of color.

What you may not know is that KRAVE equally embodies a set of core values that keep us looking as good on the inside as we endeavor to look on the outside. It’s been often said, “Clothes make the man.” There is truth in that statement. Certainly, what we wear makes a tremendous difference in how we are seen and judged by others, but what DEFINES a man cannot usually be captured in a photograph or measured by a tailor.


I’m not what most would consider a style or fashion guru, but I have been given the distinct pleasure of helping wardrobe your personality, enhance the look of your attitude, and challenge your way of thinking.

With that said, allow me to share a secret with you… I know something that looks good on EVERYONE! It’s sure to get you noticed and you will certainly stand out. It’s something every man should have but it doesn’t come cheap.

It goes well with denim, and still looks great with a blazer. Dress it up or down… it even goes great with a hat. African, Asian, bald, tall, overweight, or muscle head, this is definitely a “one size fits all.”

To be without it would be like having a bright and beautiful smile and terrible breath; or having on the finest linen suit, in the summer, and not wearing deodorant.

It’s Integrity.

Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Being known for your sense of style and swag can open many doors and provide you with access to many places  Your integrity is what will help you stay there long enough to take advantage of those opportunities. Our pants and socks shouldn’t be the only things that match. Our words and actions should be consistent with what we hold as personal convictions and values.

Integrity…how does it look on you?

Anthony Roberts

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