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Ze-Enna Jenkins: “Miss May” Model of the Month

Ze-Enna Jenkins is our Miss May…I call her MyZZ and yes I am showing favoritism! She defies all odds in order to pursue her dreams and I love it!

Bio from ZZ: I’m a cool, Experienced Model/Actress with 7 years Broadcast Media Experience. I design and hand make precious stone jewelry. I enjoy great food, laughing, spending time with family and friends, dancing, traveling and enjoying life. Music is my fuel, and Hip Hop Drives me! The sun is my sustainer and i do it for my Mom. She is my Everything!

Where are you from? Born in San Fernando Valley, Moved to Dallas from Milwaukee in elementary school

When did you start modeling? About 7 years ago

What drives/drove you to pursue a career in the modeling/fashion industry? It’s been a passion since i was able to walk. Mom collected Vogue, Essence, and other Fashion/Beauty Magazines. I was in awe of the Virginia Slim Models and always dreamed of being like them. Intrigued by fashion at such a young age & would dog ear pages in Spiegel regularly. Mom got me in Sears commercial & that was the beginning of my journey.

What are some of your best/worst experiences modeling? One of my Best fashion shows was during All Star in Dallas for the NBA wives.. I rocked VERSACE. The shoes were 8-9 inch platforms and not a WOBBLE! The worst experience is not gettin paid when you’re promised compensation.

What advice would you give to hopeful models? Observe! Learn how to walk & be confident. Develop relationships with designers you work with. Be nice, cordial and remember that it’s not about YOU; You are selling a product. Keep your attitude to yourself & HAVE FUN!

What is your dream job? To be the face of a popular beauty line…..legs for a known hosiery company…..spokesmodel for an international brand. DETERMINED!

How can you be booked? for now…i’m freelance email but i am seeking representation. visit
What would you consider your best feature? My cheekbones are something SERIOUS! i’m growing to appreciate them

What are some of the jobs/campaigns you’ve been booked for or are recognized in?
I was on the cover of Hair Revolution. I was a featured lingerie Model in The Deep End TV series.
How do you stay in Model shape? When I’m on my best behavior, i do Pilates and strength training. Blessed with a high metabolism.

We salute you Ze-Enna, a striking reminder that black is indeed beautiful.


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Congratulations to Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon!

One of our favorite couples gave birth to their twins, a boy and a girl, on their anniversary, April 30th.  How sweet! #Dembabies are here and we are happy for the Cannons!  We can’t wait to see the first pictures and learn the names of the soon to be industry royalty.

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Roy Baker: Mr. May, Male Model of the Month

Our Mr. May, Roy Baker!

Where are you from?

When did you start modeling?

I had my first photo shoot for a tuxedo company at the age of 17, from then on I decided that modeling was something I could be good at and decided to give it a shot.

• What drives/drove you to pursue a career in the modeling/fashion industry?

Besides loving  fashion, I believe joining  this industry is a great way to meet and network with remarkable individuals. Traveling is a bonus as well. But what really pushes me to make a name for myself in this industry is that I’m a firm believer in getting what you desire. No dream should be considered “too big”, this has been a dream of mine for a while now its time to make it my reality.

• What are some of your best/worst experiences modeling?

With every job comes benefits and disadvantages, but over all it what i want. with that said I will have to say  the traveling aspect of it is a great experience, and the worst will have to be constantly being compared to others. I had to teach myself to love who i am, and that my friend is what separates the best for the rest.

• What advice would you give to hopeful models?

My advice to everyone not just models is to love who you are from within, shoot for the stars, and if people ask why your reply should be why not?.lastly  do what makes you happy , that will make your life more meaningful

• What is your dream job?

I would have to say my dream job will have to be being featured on a Calvin Klein campaign, dreamed of that job since I was a little boy

What would you consider your best feature?

In my opinion I don’t believe that i have one striking feature but the combination of them all is what i love and completes me.

How do you stay in Model shape?

I train five days out of the week.I love working out whether is it in the working out at home, in the gym,or outdoors. my diet is also very strict I try to stay away for bad carbs , but I do have a bit of a late night sweet tooth which im working on.

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Contests: Win a date with Romeo to “Dancing With The Stars”



Starting March 21st fans can catch Romeo dancing and wooing his way through millions of homes on the ABC hit reality series Dancing With The Stars!”

And Romeo would like to bring one lucky fan as his date to one of the upcoming tapings!!!!

Registering for the contest is easy, just log on and follow Romeo on his Twitter page @RomeoMiller starting March 18, 2011.  Romeo will pick a winner at random from the sign-ups on Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 1pm PT and will tweet the lucky winner’s name and send a special shout out! (Note: the winner is responsible for their own travel and accommodations to and from Los Angeles/*Must be 18 or over to win*)


Romeo dances to bring awareness to his foundation a cause close to his heart to bring consciousness to the Nation’s high school dropout rate problem…

“3 out of every 10 students will dropout out of high school in the United States

Romeo is also co-starring in the upcoming movie for Columbia Pictures entitled Jumping the Broom (May 6, 2011).  Also check out his new single “Famous Girl” from the upcoming album The Masterpiece (June 7, 2011).

For more info on Romeo go to:

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KRAVE West Team: Aziza Walker

Aziza Walker (photo - Nadirah B.)

Aziza Ngozi Walker is a Video Editor/ Videographer from Los Angeles, California. She attended Long Beach Poly in Long Beach, California where she met I’von during their freshmen year. It is also where she developed her Camera skills working for the local cable station and for the Video Yearbook Team at Poly that she was responsible for bringing on campus. She then jetted off to Chicago to extend her studies in Film and TV at Northwestern University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a strong background in documentary installation projects; she covered the situation of the Chicago Public Housing Systems for the entirety of her college career. Aziza returned back to Los Angeles after graduation and began her freelance career as a Videographer and Video Editor. She has been teaching Video Production for the Los Angeles Unified School District for the over 2 years now and works as an Assistant Editor at a Post Production House in Culver City. She still picks up freelance videography and editing work and is available per project. Aziza’s work towards being able to launch her film production company on an international level with projects that speak to everyone and are able to evoke and inspire change and awareness.

Our team is special because we are all young, driven and motivated. In addition, we all have our own unique focuses and goals but are equally hard workers. We compliment each others skill sets and from our experiences together thus far, we have been able to compromise and make things work for all parties in order to get the job done. It is important when working with others that you know what you can expect from them and the people in this group couple honesty and commitment when dealing with one another- being real and being upfront has been important so that we can effectively work well together and be productive in our efforts.”

“We are bringing the passion, energy and full dynamic personalities to KRAVE. The I’von, Brandon and Aziza trinity is an action packed experience at any moment of interaction while operating on the highest levels of professionalism. We look forward to adding to the vibrant flavor of KRAVE and helping to solidify the KRAVE brand.


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KRAVE West Team: Brandon McCaskill

Brandon McCaskill (Photo - Nadirah B)

Brandon McCaskill is a 22-year-old TV host/personality from Largo, Maryland. He’s has his mind and heart set on being a news anchor since his elementary days anchoring The Kingsford Morning Show. Though his passion has been tested over the years, he’s still at it and plans to become a host for a major network in the neat future.

Within the past four years alone, Brandon has worked as an MTVU red carpet correspondent at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards (the Oscars) where he interviewed celebrities such as George Clooney, Mo’Nique, Jennifer Lopez, Mario Lopez and Anika Noni Rose, to name a few. He hosted his own weekly radio show, “Ol’ Skool Wednesdays,” on WANM 90.5 FM for three years, and he’s also done live reporting for the News 20@5 newscast, based out of Tallahassee, FL, where he received his bachelors degree in broadcast journalism from Florida A&M University. Brandon has always said his strides towards success are not just for personal gain, but for those he’ll be able to impact and inspire.

Bringing his mission to life, Brandon produced a documentary titled, “Quicksand: The Pursuit of Stardom,” starring Hollywood Actress Meagan Good, NY Fashion Model Wendell Lissimore and many more. It looks into the lives of aspiring entertainers and shows the hardships they face as they pursue their dreams. Brandon used this project to stress the importance of having an education to fall back on when things don’t go as planned, and also to encourage researching the proper ways to enter the entertainment business while avoiding, “Quicksand.” To watch the documentary, visit

Staying true to his dream, Brandon moved to Los Angeles, CA after college to pursue TV hosting full time. Most recently, Brandon has created the new web series “RnB Live Online” where he hosts and produces a weekly recap show of the RnB Live Hollywood event.

Brandon joined the KRAVE Magazine team August 2010 as a correspondent at the 20th NAACP Theatre Awards.

“We all knew there was something special about the team work that night. Though it was our first night working together, we were pulling more interviews than a lot of the larger outlets, says Brandon, “I can’t describe it. We just have business minds and chemistry, which is great and rare for young adults our age.”

When KRAVE CCO Kenny Hibbler saw the NAACP footage, he invited Aziza, Brandon and Ivon to join the KRAVE team which ultimately gave birth to the “Krave West.”

“I am really excited about the KRAVE West team. Get ready for a lot of personality, style and professionalism. Bringing all the great things we were doing individually into one joint effort will be pretty serious”, says McCaskill, “thanks to everyone at Krave for giving new talent a shot. 2010 is not over and the best is yet to come. (

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Brandon Claybon: Male Model of the Month

Brandon Claybon

Mr. November: Brandon Claybon

Where are you from?

I’m from a small town right outside of Memphis, called Oakland, TN.  I’m a country boy who grew up around farm animals, listening to the blues, playing baseball, fishing in ponds, and singing in church.

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling my junior year of college in 2008.  But 2010 has been then first year were I have been able to model full-time.

What drove you to pursue a career in the modeling/fashion industry?

Well….modeling came by coincidence.  Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a working actor doing television and film, but once I got taller and skinner in high school people kept telling me I should model.  So, I started learning more about the modeling and fashion industry, and I realized that I had a product to sell.  After that realization, I began to pursue modeling as well as acting.

What are some of your best and worst experiences modeling?

Hmmm… One of my best experiences was recently being a part of the Macy’s Fashion Show in Chicago.  Not only was the event exciting and fun….but the people I worked with was so cool and friendly.  You don’t always get that in this business, so when you do it feels really good.  I had the best time.  I really don’t have that many bad experiences.  Maybe the one night I was offered drugs by an industry professional.  That was a little awkward and weird….but I don’t fall into peer pressure so it was no big deal.  I guess….

What advice would you give to hopeful models?

I would just tell aspiring models to learn what kind of product they sell.  Make a list of all the clients you think might hire you to sell their clothes, image, product or etc.  Know how to market yourself first before you start shopping around for agencies.  And trust me….you are going to hear plenty of no’s but it only takes one yes to get you in the door.  Stay honest and true to yourself and keep striving to get better. (And that’s in anything you decide to do.)

What is your dream job?

My dream job in modeling is to have a national commercial and print campaign with Macy’s.  That would be awesome.  Matter of fact….I’ll go ahead and put that in the universe right now.  HA!

How can a potential client book you?

Clients can book me through any of my agencies around the U.S., from NTA in Los Angeles, Chosen Model Management in Chicago and Atlanta, or Kim Dawson in Dallas.  I have a link to all of them on my website, which is

What would you consider your best feature?

I don’t know… probably my smile.

What are some of the jobs/campaigns you’ve been booked for or recognized in?

I get recognized a lot for a commercial I did with MaxClarity Skin Care, which is running right now.  I also just did a campaign for the Elysian Hotel in Chicago and that was pretty amazing.  I’m excited about the future…I feel like God has some big plans for me.

How do you stay in “model shape”?

I work out 4-5 days a week and I try my best to eat healthy, day in and day out. It gets hard though…because I’m a foodie! LOL!

We salute Brandon Claybon for following his heart and pursuing his dreams. Many blessings to you and KRAVE supports your dream.


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