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Twitter Spam


On August 29, 2012 our Twitter account was associated with a form of marketing spam that was used to market a model, Ronnie Cash.  Once we saw these tweets that stated: “If you love Krave Magazine then you’ll love the Black and Russian with Blue Eyes @ronnie_cash “ and  “Noticed you were following Krave. Are you following the hot new model @ronnie_cash yet? “These tweets caused much frustration and annoyance to our Twitter followers that received multiple tweets.

We immediately started damage control to ensure that our followers knew that KRAVE© Magazine was not behind this spam, by sending out tweets that we were not associated with Ronnie Cash and we were not the source of the spam.

We do understand that spam can and will happen, however to associate us with a model who has never been in our magazine was not a great move on their part. However, we spoke to his PR Jasmine D. Wilson and she was very apologetic for this unwanted interaction. She has written a public apology to us as well as our followers.

KRAVE© Magazine Team

To whom it may concern,

Allow us the opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding regarding the recent tweets that may have been misconceived as representing an association between Ronnie Cash and Krave Magazine; there is no relation between the two.

We wanted to publicly apologize in two parts for the activities taken place.  First, due to a possible language barrier, there may have been a misunderstanding between our foreign third party advertiser that was instructed to utilize the demographics of Krave Magazine and other industry related sources; never were they instructed to name Krave Magazine in these posts.  Secondly, due to technical difficulties from the advertiser, some of the readers of Krave may have received multiple tweets which was never intended.

In closing, Krave Magazine is a wonderful publication and we fully support the tasteful content publicized in their franchise. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Jasmine D. Wilson
J.D.Wilson Management
Chief Executive Officer

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