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I personally, Kenneth Tavon Hibbler (Creative Director of KRAVE Magazine), am rarely overwhelmed by the artistry of entertainers and artists in today’s industry.  However, I recently fell in love with a trio of soul singers, KING.

My dear friend Frances Jaye (DJ extraordinaire and all-around beautiful person), included KING’s “Supernatural” on her Soul in the City Vol. 4 mix.  I immediately fell in love with the effortless harmonies, soulful phrases and melodies, the ethereal yet earth-shaking instrumentals… I HAD TO HAVE MORE!

So of course I went to Google and absorbed all I could about the group! 🙂

I was a bit disappointed that there were only 3 songs available BUT these 3 songs are SO MAGNIFICENT that I don’t mind at all and I cannot wait for the release of the cd.

You can purchase The Story (EP), here at Amazon for only $2.97! You can’t beat that…pass up that Starbucks for once if you feel you can’t afford it. Its well worth the investment.

You can also find out more about this amazing trio here:

website: WEAREKINGMUSIC  Twitter @wearekingmusic  Facebook: WeAreKing

And remember, support good music and real artistry. Buy don’t burn!

Enjoy…and remember, I told you so. 🙂

– Kenny

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Steph Jones – “BEAutiful” Video

I try my best not to post about subjects/talent/entertainers that I’m biased on…BUT this time I couldn’t resist.

Steph Jones has been referred to as “Hollywood’s Best Known Unknown” by TightRope magazine, which is true.  I’ve been following his career since his days as a model but because of Myspace and Twitter, many have become ‘frands’ of Mr. Jones and love his creative expression in music as well as his real-life and comedic videos. He stays true to himself…which I believe is why so many people relate to him. He’s like the crazy-cool kid in school who you think “Wow he’s a bit weird and its AMAZING!”

KRAVE salutes Mr. Ordinary (who in fact is quite extraordinary) for being himself, celebrating unique and individual style, and embracing all forms of beauty.

Check out his new video, “BEAutiful” for a visual representation of JUST that.

– Kenny, Creative Director


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