Best Fit Bodies!

We’re kicking off the summer with the hottest issue to date. Beginning with our picks of The Best Fit Bodies, male and female on Instagram. One lucky model from the list will be invited to shoot a fitness spread and Kover for the next issue.


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The Krave Fit Challenge is On!

This is by far one of our best promotions to date. We’re excited for everyone who has joined in the challenge. Including our very own staff. Let’s get it!


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Gym is My Life!

Clearing out last years inventory to make room for new designs. Look out for the first KRAVE Fit issue of 2015 dropping next month.


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Travis Cure Featured as Eye Candy

Check out KRAVE Ambassador Travis Cure in his Essence feature:

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Good Grooming!

Good grooming is essential for the KRAVE Man. My uncles told me that a woman will notice great skin, a nice smile, clean nails and how you smell first. So make a great first impression. You only get one shot. So we’re helping the fellas out with our grooming section.

Also remember I said in 2015 be on the watch for our 10 Models to Watch? Here’s another one…@traviscure Photography by: Carlos Jones 

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Fitness Challenge

This all began with our Publisher saying a couple weeks back on a facebook post “I want to be able to be featured in my own magazine. Who’s with me?” And the response was crazy. So he met with my Editor-in-Chief and we decided to make it an official KRAVE Fit challenge.

This isn’t a contest. You’re not in competition with anyone but yourself. This issue of KRAVE Fit will consist entirely of everyone who accepted the challenge begining March 5th, to get their best body ever. What ever your goal is, if you achieve it, you’ve earned a full page feature, plus a write up detailing your journey, in KRAVE Fit. How easy is that? There should be a noticeable difference between your before and after pics.
This challenge is open to anyone however July 5th you will have to be able to get to either Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, DC or NY for your magazine shoot.

So here it is and yes I’m taking the challenge myself! Let’s go!


Best Barbers of 2014 on Instagram

The best barbers of 2014 on Instagram! Make sure to checkout and follow the works of @nickthebarber | @razorsharp24 | @tariqnevar | @geiva 

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